The Harmont & Blaine Men's and Women's Collections offer garments designed for smart-casual looks, perfect to wear to work or for leisure. There is a wide range of plain-coloured pieces and ones customised with contrasting patterns that give looks a touch of originality. Stylish and versatile, the brand's garments and accessories are comfortable and ideal for all kinds of different occasions. Browse the lookbook for the new Men's and Women's Collections by Harmont & Blaine and discover sophisticated pieces that create elegant, classy outfits!


In a world where beauty is painted with a color palette, Harmont & Blaine announces the spring/summer 2024 campaign, exploring the stories of five characters with an approach that goes beyond fashion. Color me Wonderful, celebrates the power of color as a transformative force, shaping thoughts, emotions and memories. Five people become protagonists of a discovery journey, where each color becomes the medium to tell its own story. Immersed in a pop atmosphere, the protagonists share their deepest thoughts, revealing emotions and perceptions. Color me Wonderful allows you to explore the beauty that lies in the essence of everyone through the kaleidoscopic lens of color.


Color, Comfort, Creativity: Harmont & Blaine’s key style codes inform the new Fall/Winter Collection following the seasonal transition and the different scenarios of contemporary living. From the concept of high functionality to the love for painting, all the way to the après-ski world, the brand continues to deepen its research on shapes, materials and endless chromatic possibilities in a constant mix of inspiration and inventiveness.


The Harmont & Blaine collection expands its “contemporary casual” approach through constant experimentation with materials, shapes and the graphic and color customizations that have always distinguished the dachshund-logoed looks. Embracing the different styles and scenarios of everyday life, the new wardrobes cover and adapt to all kinds of 'work & leisure' experiences, whether travelling across sports pitches, desert sands and the chic surroundings of Mediterranean resorts in the late 1960s. The men and women's collections evolve seamlessly, interpreting the seasonal themes and inspirations in a coherent and recognizable style driven by the “Feel Good Everyday” statement and by the key synergy combining comfort, creativity and Italian quality.


The new Harmont & Blaine collection reflects the feel good everyday style philosophy by addressing an extremely dynamic and casual audience, constantly on the move between the city and the great outdoors, accompanied by a comfortable yet sophisticatedly casual look. The wardrobe puts the spotlight on the centrality of color, layering and contemporary shapes, in the sign of the constant balance between quality and creativity.


The new Harmont & Blaine collection interprets the brand’s DNA and its distinctive codes - such as color, stripes and casual attitude - in a versatile and contemporary look that amplifies the attention to the quality of the materials, to the stylistic coherence between the masculine and feminine, and to the definition of an evolved and dynamic image that also opens up to a younger and more metropolitan consumer target.


Stylish, innovative and practical: the new FW 2021 Collection by Harmont & Blaine echoes the relationship between Man and Nature. Constantly on the go, the modern hero returns to the city for winter with an eye on the relaxing setting of the mountains. The garments in the collection are made with sustainability and quality fabrics in mind. Awareness and respect are now key to sophisticated yet responsible wear. The brand's creative image and the value of the products, made using materials and treatments aimed at reducing consumption for minimum environmental impact, have come together.


Colour is the star of the SS21 collection by Harmont & Blaine, where bright shades and radiant contrasting details stand out. An explosion of colour blocks and mix&match patterns that capture that vintage '90s charm. The dachshund—the brand's iconic mascot—makes garments unique in a fun, spirited way. Intense colours and rainbow blends give timeless wardrobe classics a revamp, vintage style reigns supreme and patchwork detailing works its way into men's and women's fashion for more eco-friendly options.