Innovation in style, joy, new forms and geometries without the shackles of excessive formality, the careful selection of the finest materials, provide the four corners of a corporate vision in which a new form of casual elegance, contaminated by practical elements demanded by the contemporary consumer , is achieved through creative verve.

Colour - the essence and intrinsic feature of the brand - is the true star of the collections and perfect interpretation of a life filled with joy and a constantly-evolving soul. It is appealing to all tastes, suggesting undiscovered aspirations and desires in the most positive, practical way.

Since our foundation, the Harmont & Blaine business ethics has been underpinned by a perfect balance of passion and innovation, woven together by creativity, coherence, enthusiasm and determination.

Our brand’s unique character, built around a very clear decision in terms of style, is the product of the time and passion we put into studying how best to use colour, and combine it with new, natural fabrics.