One of the secrets of the Harmont & Blaine success is our logo - the tiny Dachshund that has always marked our products. These super-sleuthing dogs may be small, but they are big on intuition, determination and courage, all skills which help them to conquer their territory with tenacity and wit. Just like the dachshund representing us, we have worked with determination and perseverance to turn our innate instinct and doggedness into the best, most ground-breaking ways to build and reinforce our prominent position in the competitive Made in Italy market.

Hard work, consistency and the desire to emerge as a successful label pushed us to build a creative universe which made the avant-garde contemporary, presenting a new concept in men’s fashion while remaining faithful to a tradition of superior quality, high-performing clothes to fit casual, sporting lifestyles.

Our Dachshund brand has expanded consistently over the years, venturing beyond Italy to become a model of business success around the world. We have achieved significant recognition and acclaim, and established ourselves as a leading figure in the high-end, casual clothing sector.

The Dachshund logo, which appears in different colours across our ranges, is hand-embroidered to add authenticity and personality to our clothes. It is also now used as the basis of prints and patterns added as an embellishment on our items, always respectful of and celebrating the best of classic Italian tailoring.