THE JUMP - On the highest peaks

Immerse yourself in the atmospheres of our new advertising campaign The Jump: an emotional journey through the breathtaking atmospheres of the Italian Alps, which reflect the sense of freedom and adventure inside the new collection. The models are portrayed in mid-air during a jump: joyful figures stand out from the luminous background of the Alps to show, in absence of gravity, the special items of the season, in a dynamic and elegant union between fashion and nature.

It is the essence of Harmont & Blaine: accompanying customers on their adventures - in the mountains as well as in the city - offering them the comfort, quality and style that represents them, combined with the enthusiasm and explosive energy that only this brand can offer.

Color, Comfort, Creativity: Harmont & Blaine’s key style codes inform the new Fall/Winter Collection following the seasonal transition and the different scenarios of contemporary living. From the concept of high functionality to the love for painting, all the way to the après-ski world, the brand continues to deepen its research on shapes, materials and endless chromatic possibilities in a constant mix of inspiration and inventiveness.