Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the new advertising campaign The Jump: an exciting journey through the breathtaking atmospheres of the Italian Alps, reflecting the sense of freedom and adventure intrinsic to the new collection. The subjects are portrayed in various suspended moments, mid-air, during a leap: joyful figures that stand out against the bright backdrop of the Alps to showcase the collection pieces in a gravity-free environment, in a dynamic and elegant combination of fashion and nature.
This is the essence of Harmont & Blaine: accompanying customers in their adventures - in the mountains as in the city - offering them the comfort, quality, and style that represents them, combined with the enthusiasm and explosive energy that only this brand can offer.
Color, comfort, creativity: the fundamental principles of Harmont & Blaine's style guide the new Autumn/Winter collection, accompanying the transition between different seasons and contemporary living scenarios. From the concept of high functionality to the love for pictorial art, to looks influenced by après-ski atmospheres, the brand continues to deepen research on silhouettes, materials, and infinite chromatic possibilities in its constant mix of inspiration and invention.